Thursday, December 20, 2018

Remember the Importance of the Christmas Season

The Christmas Season
However you view it, however you celebrate it or even if you don't.  Remember the importance of the season.
Love of and for the creator of all.
Love of your family, friends and neighbors.
Hold close, even if in memory, the the loved ones you have.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Genealogy Binder Set Up

This is a new video I made for my YouTube channel on how I set up and organize my genealogy binders.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Hawthorne & Associated Family Lines Begin Here

This post is to denote where the Hawthorne family and its associated lines begin. These lines are those that came to America's shores as immigrants to what is now New England.

I have tried to source the information as best I can, but please do your own research.  I am a family researcher and some of these lines I have barely started to work on.  A lot of starting info I used came from the LDS, and while they are a great source, if it doesn't have actual sources cited, consider it as a lead only.  I have had to do much of my research through books and online sources.

If you have any questions about anyone in these posts, please leave a comment on the appropriate post.  They are moderated so you can safely leave an email address if you would like for me to get back to you that way or I can answer in a reply comment.  I have much more info than I have posted here on this blog.

I want to also say that on these lines I have found invaluable the book High on a Windy Hill and the website Find A Grave for those families in southwest Virginia.

Dedicated to my Nana, Frances Isabel Hawthorne McClain

Woodman Family Line

This is my Woodman line, I have done very little research beyond the names & dates.  Generations move backward in time.

Edward Woodman III 1628 Eng-1694 Ma
m. Mary Goodridge 1633 Eng-1684 Ma
  • f. Mary 1654 Ma-1723 Ma
  • f. Elizabeth 1656 Ma-1659 Ma
  • m. Edward IV 1658 MA-1659 Ma
  • f. Elizabeth twin 1661 Ma-
  • f. Rebecca twin 1661 Ma-bef.1663 Ma
  • f. Rebecca 1663 Ma-1727 Ma
  • f. Sarah 1665 Ma-bef.Sep 1674 Ma
  • f. Judith 1667 Ma-
  • m. Edward V 1669 Ma-1746 Ma
  • f. unknown twin ca.1672 Ma-
  • m. Archalaus twin 1672 Ma-1766 Ma
  • f. Elizabeth II 1674 Ma-
  • f. Sarah II 1674 Ma-
  • f. Margaret 1676 Ma-1718 Ma
  • m. unknown ca1680 Ma
Edward Woodman II 1606 Eng-1670 Ma
m. Joanna Salway 1613/4 Eng-1687 Ma
  • m. Edward III 1628 Eng-1694 Ma
  • f. Jane 1632 Ma-1633 Ma
  • m. Joshua 1636 Ma-1703Ma
  • m. John ca.1637 Ma-1706 or1737 Ma or RI
  • f. Mary 1638 Ma-Ma
  • f. Sarah 1641 Ma-Ma
  • ?m.Jonathan 1643 Ma-1706 Ma
  • f. Ruth 1646 Ma-1714 Ma
Edward Woodman I 1574 Eng-1654 Eng
m1. Olive Mallot / Mollett 1579 Eng-1611 Eng
m2. Edith 1590 Eng-
  • f. Mary 1601/2 Eng-
  • f. Elizabeth 1604 Eng-
  • m. Edward II 1606 Eng-1670 Ma
  • the rest of the children are by his 2nd wife
  • m. Archalaus 1613 Eng-1702 Ma
  • Rebecca chr.1616 Eng
  • m. Walter chr.1620 Eng-
  • m. Jonathan chr.1621 Eng-
  • f. Anne chr.1623 Eng-
  • m. David chr.1628 Eng-
Thomas Woodman ca.1550 Eng-1612/13 Eng
m. Elizabeth Pryor 1553 Eng-1575 Eng

Nicholas Richard Woodman ca1515 Eng-

Weaver Family Line

This is my Weaver family line, moving backwards in time.

Peter Weaver 1790 Tn-1850 Tn
m. Mary 'Polly' Stupe 1794 Tn-Tn

  • m. Isaac 1817 Tn-1905 Tn
  • m. John 1820 Tn-
  • m. Henry 1821 Tn-1901 Tn
  • m. William 1823 Tn-1907 Tn
  • m. Frederick 1824 Tn-1909 Tn
  • m. Abram 1830 Tn-1858 Tn
  • f. Catherine 'Katie' 1832 Tn-
  • m. David 1840 Tn-1864 Ga
Frederick Abraham Weaver 1750 -1839 Tn
m. Catherine Peters 1759 Pa-1855 Tn

  • f. Susannah 1783 Tn-1867 Tn
  • m. Conrad 1787 Tn-1889 Tn
  • m. John 1789 Tn-1876
  • m. Peter 1790 Tn-1850 Tn
  • f. Mary 1792 Tn-1884 Tn
  • m. Abraham 1802 Tn-1871 Tn
  • f. Sarah 'Sallie' ca.1804 Tn-1884 Tn
  • f. Esther 1805 Tn-Tn
  • f. Rosanna 1810 Tn-aft.1870

Templeton Family Line

This is my Templeton family.

Robert Templeton 1719-1789 Pa
m. Agnes 'Nancy' 1720-1790 Pa

  • f. Jean
  • f. Mary 1742 Pa-1812
  • f. Ruth / Beth 
  • m. John 1754
  • f. Agnes 'Nancy' 1745
  • f. Sarah 1757-1789
  • f. Barbara 
  • f. Susannah 1750-1806
  • f. Hannah
  • m. Robert d.1798 Pa

Steen Family Line

This is my Steen family.

John Steen bef.1693 Scot-ca.1741 Pa
m. Margaret

  • f. Agnes 'Nancy' 1713 Scot-1772 Pa
  • f. Mary 
  • f. Martha