Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Hawthorne & Associated Family Lines Begin Here

This post is to denote where the Hawthorne family and its associated lines begin. These lines are those that came to America's shores as immigrants to what is now New England.

I have tried to source the information as best I can, but please do your own research.  I am a family researcher and some of these lines I have barely started to work on.  A lot of starting info I used came from the LDS, and while they are a great source, if it doesn't have actual sources cited, consider it as a lead only.  I have had to do much of my research through books and online sources.

If you have any questions about anyone in these posts, please leave a comment on the appropriate post.  They are moderated so you can safely leave an email address if you would like for me to get back to you that way or I can answer in a reply comment.  I have much more info than I have posted here on this blog.

I want to also say that on these lines I have found invaluable the book High on a Windy Hill and the website Find A Grave for those families in southwest Virginia.

Dedicated to my Nana, Frances Isabel Hawthorne McClain

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