Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bowen Family Line

This is the Bowen Family line moving backwards and much work still needs to be done on it. The first 2 families listed are definitely correct.

Odadiah Bowen 1627 Wales-1710 Ma
m. Mary Clifton 1628 Ma/RI-1696/7 Ma
  • m. Obadiah 1651 Ma-1699 Ma
  • f. Mary 1652 Ma-1678 Ma
  • f. Sara 1654 Ma-1703 Ma
  • m. Samuel 1659 Ma-1728/9 NJ
  • m. Joseph 1662 Ma-1727 Ma
  • m. Thomas 1664 Ma-1743 Ma
  • f. Hannah 1665 Ma-1715 RI
  • f. Lydia 1666 Ma-1758 RI
  • f. Mercy 1672 Ma
  • m. Isaac 1674 Ma
Richard Bowen 1580 Wales-1674 Ma
m1. Ann Bourn 1592 Wales-1643 Ma
  • m. George ca1614 Wales
  • f. Sarah 1616 Wales-1676 Ma
  • f. Alice 1618 Wales-1696 Ma
  • m. Richard 1624 Wales-1674 Ma
  • m. Thomas 1625 Wales-aft1663 Ma
  • m. Obadiah 1627 Wales-1710 Ma
  • f. Ruth 1634 Wales-1688 Ma
  • m. William 1637 Wales-1686/7 Ma
James Bowen ca1548 Wales-ca1629 Wales
m. Eleanor Griffith ca 1556 Wales
  • f. Mary 1579 Wales
  • m. George 1580 Wales
  • m. Richard 1580 Wales-1674 Ma
  • f. Jane 1582 Wales
  • f. Elen 1583 Wales
  • m. Owen 1585 Wales
  • f. Sioned 1586 Wales
  • f. Maud 1588 Wales
  • m. Thomas 1589 Wales
  • m. John 1591 Wales
  • f. Elizabeth 1593 Wales
  • m. Hugh 1595 Wales
  • m. William 1597 Wales
  • f. Ellen 1598 Wales
  • m. Morgan 1601 Wales
  • m. Robert 1603 Wales
  • m. Tomas Wales
From here I am only listing the direct line parents as I have not researched this line.
Mathias Bowen 1524 Wales-1548 Wales
m. Mary Phillips ca1528 Wales

Sir James Bowen ca1480 Wales-
m1. Jane Perott, m2. Mary Herle ca1498 Wales

Owen Bowen, Esquire 1453 Wales
Janet Llywelyn ca1457 Wales

Gwylym Bowen ca 1412 Wales
m. Agnes verch James ca1430 Wales

Evan Bowen (Evan ap Owen) ca 1372 Wales-aft1424
m. Margaret Cubberston ca1377 Wales

Llewelyn ap Owain ca1348 Wales
m. Nest Fechan verch Hywel ca1348 Wales

Owen ap Enion ca1305 Wales
m. Gwenllian Coatington

Einion Vaur ap Gwylym ca1275 Wales
m. Dido verch Cadywan

Gwylym ap Gwrared ca1250 Wales
m. Ivan/Ivau Stackpole

Gwrared of Cemmaes/Powys ca1195 Wales
m. Gwenllian verch Ednyfed

Cuhelin, Prince of Dyfed ca1200 Wales
m. Gwangen

Gwynfarrd of Dyfed, Prince of  Wales ca1175 Wales

Kyhlyv ap Argo, King of Dyfed ca1150 Wales

Argo ap Llewelyn, King of Dyfed Wales


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