Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Burgess Family Line

This is the Burgess family line in my tree, moving backwards.  The first 3 families are listed in the Genealogical Registry of Plymouth Families, those beyond are from LDS files.

Samuel Burgess ca1678 Ma
m. Elizabeth Hopkins ca1680 Ma
  • m. Samuel
  • f. Patience
  • f. Elizabeth
  • f. Abigail
  • m. Jacob
  • f. Remember 1714 Ma-1792 Va
  • m. Thomas
  • f. Martha
  • f. Kesiah
Joseph (or John) Burgess 1638 Ma-1719 Ma
m. Mary Worden 1639 -1688 Ma
  • m. John
  • m. Thomas
  • m. Joseph
  • m. Samuel ca1678 Ma
  • m. Jacob
  • f. Martha
Thomas Burgess 1601 Eng-1685 Ma
m. Dorothy Goodman Waynes 1603 Eng-1687 Ma
  • m. Joseph (or John) 1638 Ma-1719 Ma
  • m. Joseph 1639 Ma
  • m. Jacob Ma-1719
  • m. Thomas Ma-RI
  • f. Elizabeth Ma
Thomas Burgess ca1580 Eng-1626 Eng
m. Elizabeth Pye 1572 Eng-Eng

Thomas Burgess ca1540 Eng-ca1577
m. Honor Sidman ca1558 Eng

Ellice Burges ca1512 Eng

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