Saturday, February 16, 2013


There in the courtyard is a young girl.  Her head is covered by a sheer white linen cap, tendrils of her light brown hair escape around her face and cascade down her back.

The courtyard is a totally empty canvas made of brick pavers. The large manor house provides walls to 2 sides, dark brick with spacious windows, a low brick wall provides a third while the fourth side is open to the meadow like grounds.  The sun is warm but not overly so, it seems it is Springtime.

The girl is alone in the courtyard, not even a toy in sight.  Past the low wall a couple of workmen pass by, off to complete another task and within an open door house servants can be glimpsed, but all is quiet except for the swish of her dress.

Swish....the taffeta silk of her skirts sounds as she moves.  A pale golden yellow fabric sprigged with tiny blue flowers, stems and leaves.  I pinch it between my fingers and feel its cool richness, see the exquisiteness of the embroidered flowers.... I ....she .... I see through her eyes, feel through her fingers.

"Lillibeth ... Lillibeth" ... a call from inside the house.  Is it her mother?  A nanny?  She must go in now and I am left wondering.

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